The UK's creative industry is buzzing with pioneering new ideas
and imaginative energy. Innovation and new technologies are
key for this industry to evolve and flourish. A KTP can help you
improve your business through access to the latest skills that
reside within UK academic institutions.


KTP works with a range of creative organisations, including design, fashion, music and video games businesses.

Over the years, many KTP projects have been funded, which has helped the growth and profitability in this business sector.

KTP offers the creative industry access to funding, innovative ideas and academic expertise, and the opportunity to enhance a business's creativity, effectiveness and productivity.

How can KTP help your business?

  • KTP provides access to state-of-the-art technologies
  • KTP provides access to expertise and innovative solutions to enable organisational change
  • KTP can provide greater market awareness and a potential increase in profits or cost savings
  • KTP enhances the skills and research capacity of existing staff
  • KTP can enhance the organisation's strategic planning and operational efficiency

KTP helped these organisations

KTP has worked with businesses in this sector across a broad spectrum of areas - from fashion design to state-of-the-art computer generated graphic computer games.

  • Sain Records Ltd in collaboration with the University of Wales
  • Easi-Bind International Ltd in collaboration with De Montfort University
  • Greig and Stephenson Ltd in collaboration with University College for the Creative Arts
  • Kettering Textiles Ltd in collaboration with the University of Northampton
  • Blah de Blah Ltd in collaboration with Bangor University
  • Graven Images Ltd in collaboration with the University of Dundee
  • Unilever in collaboration with the Keyworth Institute at Leeds University
  • OMG Plc in collaboration with Oxford Brookes University

KTP case studies

Find out what benefits other businesses have gained from a KTP.

Kettering Textiles Ltd Case Study OMG Plc Case Study Sain Records Ltd Case Study Graven Images Ltd Case Study Creative Industries

Want to find out more?

To find out more about getting involved in a KTP, please contact your local Adviser or KTP Office.